Each purchase donates 10% to reproductive rights and abortion access organizations. Thank you for your support!

Feminist Floral Decor for your Home and Office

Each purchase donates 10% to reproductive rights and abortion access organizations- Thank you for your support!

Celebrate and Uplift Women with Feminist Floral Decor for Your Home, Office, and Nursery

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5x7 Framed Feminist Quotes

Framed 5x7 feminist quotes deigned to sit on a desk or shelf in your home, office, or nursery.

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Wooden Hearts

These unfinished wooden hearts with wooden lettering beautifully hang from twine and make a lovely addition to any room.

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Unique and Limited Quantity Pieces

Unique and limited quantity floral wall hangers and framed quotes brighten any space with bold blooms and a call for equality.

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I love my custom made art piece! I have it mounted in my walk-in closet and it serves as both a beautiful work and daily dose of inspiration. Thank you, Freda!

Heidi Huiskamp-Collins

I recently purchased one of the AOC quote picture frames, it's an extremely well done and beautiful piece. The flowers add just the right touch of sweet to such a sassy phrase and are very durable, my 3 year old nephew managed to get his hands on it and the flowers aren't even out of place. I will definitely be buying more pieces from Ms. Freda.

NaKiesha McNeal

I love this stuff!  I think the messaging and quotes on these handmade items are spot on.  I purchased the "When there are nine" quote from RBG.  Its decorated with suffragette colors floral arrangement mounted on natural wood.  Proudly displayed in my living room.  Highly recommend!